This update is long overdue and we're grateful for your patience. First and foremost you should know that we deeply appreciate everyone’s efforts towards building BERT. Your energy and enthusiasm for our theatre company is heartwarming and welcome. Building a new theatre from the ground up is never an easy task and we couldn’t be more pleased with the group of people that came out to support us.


Although BERT has yet to reach its full potential, a tremendous amount of sweat-equity is still there. It would be a shame to see it slip into the ether.


We are in the process of seeking further funding and applying for grants to keep the company going. To date we are in a much better position to apply, as we are a company with some history of success.


As always, we welcome your input and invite the participation of anyone interested in taking on a leadership role in our theatre. Our hope is that someone among you will be inspired and want to help guide the future of BERT. We are open to any and all offers.


Please continue to check back for updates. In the meantime enjoy our video clips and photo gallery of past productions.


Many Thanks,